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Subject: Brian and Jeff, Part 10This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males. If material of
this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally,
if you are under preteens nudist artistic 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read
this story by law.
This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person's
living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely
The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or
publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it
has been posted, without the consent of the author.Mark Stevens
Brian and Jeff, Part 10 It was Friday evening, and I was on my way home from the office. It
had been a hell of a week, and I was definitely glad it was over. Work had
been really hectic with lots of stress felt by everyone in my office. When
I pulled into the drive, I shut the car engine off. I leaned back in forbiden youg preteens the
seat my thoughts running like wild fire. I had reached a decision that
afternoon while working in my office. Jeff had called me earlier in the
day to inform me a wedding invitation was extreme preteen modeling coming in the mail. His oldest
son, Charles was getting married and Kathy, my wife, and I, were being
"Are you serious?" I petite preteen porn
had asked. He could hear the surprise in my
voice, I'm sure.
"Damn straight I'm serious," Jeff declared, his voice ringing
loudly in my ear. "You think Kathy will come?"
"When is the wedding?"
"In three weeks," Jeff had answered.
"At the moment I can't think of a thing we have planned," I said.
"Good." Jeff's voice became softer, and he whispered, "I need bailey model preteen to
see you, Bri."
My heart missed a beat as I heard preteens nudist artistic the words he was saying. My mouth
became dry. I had a coke on my preteendigest pic desk, and I quickly took a swallow from the
can. "You'll be too busy to see me," I assured him. I tried to make my
words sound light.
"Brian, I could never be too busy to see you."
Coming back to the present, I got out of my car and headed for the
house. I let myself inside and called out, "Anybody home?"
"In here."
I walked out into the kitchen and greeted Kathy. "Hey," I said.
"Hey, yourself," she smiled. "How was your day?"
"Don't ask."
I kissed her on the cheek and headed for the refrigerator for a
"It must have been rough," she laughed.
I threw my jacket over one of the bar stools and took a seat beside
it. I pulled my tie from around my neck and threw it down on the bar. I
opened my beer and took a sip. Looking back at Kathy, I said, "Guess who
called me today at the office?" Before she could answer, I said, "Jeff
called me."
"Oh and how is he?"
His son, Charles, is getting married soon, and he's sending an
invitation to us." I took another sip sex preteen clothes
of my beer and looked at Kathy. I
waited to see how my words affected her.
My heart jumped in my throat when I saw a look come over her
face. I wasn't sure what she was going to say, but deep down I felt it
wouldn't be anything good. I waited.
"When is the wedding, Brian?" she asked me.
"Three weeks from tomorrow, I think. Why?"
Kathy walked over and looked at the calendar on the wall. "My
sister is coming to town that weekend. She called today and said she has a
ticket to fly in three weeks from today. She wants to spend the weekend
shopping and fat preteen pictures taking in a play downtown."
I tried to keep the disappointment from showing on my face, but I
failed miserably, I was sure.
The next words Kathy said brought the blood rushing back into my
body caused my heart to start beating once more. "There's no reason why you
can't go," she said. "After all, Jill and I will be busy shopping and
running all over the place." Jill was Kathy's youngest sister.
"You're certain you wouldn't mind?" I could hardly believe the
words I preteens nudist artistic was hearing.
"Of course I won't mind. I hate that I'm missing the
wedding. Perhaps I should call Jill. I'm certain she would understand."
"But you said she already has a ticket bought." The words sounds
harsh coming out of my mouth. I smiled and added, "I would hate for her to
lose her money. Is her ticket refundable?"
"I have no idea." Kathy was thoughtful for a moment. Finally she
said, "Just plan on going."
"And you and Jill will make your plans as well?"
"We will."
The rest of my weekend went by with a whirlwind of thoughts running
through my mind. I was going to see Jeff once again. It had been three
months since our last get together, and I could hardly wait. Oh, I knew he
was going to be busy. preteen kdz cp Having lived through both my son's weddings, I knew
exactly how busy he was going to be. Still, I knew that we would have time
for each other. We would both see to that.
The day we received the invitation to attend Charles' wedding I
decided to give Jeff a call. After all, there had been an R.S.V.P. with the
invitation, so I decided to phone my response in. I waited until after
dinner to make my call.
When I heard Jeff's voice on the other end of the telephone line, I
greeted, "Hey, Jeff, you crazy yet?"
"Brian, how the hell are you?" His tone let me know just how glad
he was to hear my voice.
"I'm great, buddy. forbiden youg preteens Say, received your invitation in the mail
today," I told him.
"Great, you guys coming?"
I have to admit, I had been practicing my response several times
since I had told Kathy about the wedding. "Well, good news and bad news," I
said. "The bad news is that Kathy already has plans for that weekend. She
won't be able to come to the wedding."
I could tell from the tone in his voice that Jeff was trying to
decide what the good news was. I was silent for a moment, giving him time
to wonder. Then I said, "The good news, however, is that I will be
coming. That is, if me coming solo is acceptable socially."
"Fuck socially," Jeff blurted out.
"I take it if I come by myself it will be all right?"
"Fuck yeah it will be all right," Jeff said. porn blog preteen
I could almost see him
grinning from ear to ear.
"Kathy hates to miss the wedding," I said once more.
"Tell her we understand," Jeff answered. He was silent for a
moment, and then he asked, "When are you coming?"
"I thought I'd try and catch a plane out of here sometime Friday. I
know that will be your big day for rehearsal," I told him. "I'll get a
motel and stay out of the way."
"Like hell you will," Jeff disagreed.
"Will you be able to pick me up at the air port?"
"No problem just let me know when you fly in. And you don't need to
get a fucking motel," he added.
I was thoughtful for a moment. "I think it would be best," I said.
"Well, think about it, Jeff," I answered.
It suddenly dawned on him what I was getting at. He said, "Oh,
yeah, I see what you mean."
Later that evening, after talking with Jeff, I got on the Internet
and booked a flight. Then I called him back and told him the time I was
coming in. "Could you meet me?"
"No problem," he assured me.
"Perhaps if you aren't too busy you could drop me by my motel and
visit for a while," I mentioned. "We could get caught little preteens forum up," I added.
"Oh, definitely," he told me.
The days managed to pass somehow, someway, and finally Friday
arrived. I had packed my bags the evening before. That morning I went into
the office to tie up some loose ends, and then Kathy drove me to the air
port. As we parted in the terminal I felt a little guilty for the happiness
I was feeling inside. I was going to see Jeff in a few extreme preteen modeling hours, and honestly,
I couldn't wait.
"Give my best to Jeff and Judy, and my best wishes to Charles,"
Kathy said.
I bent down and brushed her lips lightly with a kiss. "I seduce preteen sex will. You
and Jill have a fun time," I added.
Kathy's eyes seemed to search my face. "I love you, Brian. Fly
"Love you, too," I called over my shoulder. I started walking
toward the metal detector. "See you Sunday evening." As I emptied my
pockets into the gray tray to be X-rayed, I quickly tried to push the
guilty feelings away. After all, she and Jill were going to have fun as
well, I told myself.
The flight went well, and three hours later, due to all the air
port regulations, I was sitting in Jeff's vehicle, on my way to my motel.
Jeff took a hand from the wheel and placed it on my knee. "God,
it's good to see you," he said.
I placed my hand on top his and gave it a little preteens forum squeeze. "Shit, yes, it
is. "I have missed you so fucking much, Jeff."
"I'm so glad you got to come." Jeff smiled and went on. "And though
I hate to admit it, I'm really glad things worked out the way they did."
"You mean about Kathy?" I asked. "I am too, Babe."
I told Jeff where I was staying, and he drove us to the motel. It
wasn't very far from where he lived. I had planned it that way for a couple
of reasons. First of all, I wanted to be close by, and second, I wanted him
to be able to drop in when and if he had the chance.
"Shit, you are close by, aren't you?" he grinned.
"Yep, planned it that way," I told him.
"That's good, because I want you involved this weekend. preteens 12 y.o. I've
mentioned it to Judy, even told her how important it was to me that you be
here. She's expecting you to be around the entire time."
"That's not going to cause a problem?" I asked. I was concerned my
being "around" might cause Jeff some grief.
"It won't be a problem for me," he assured me.
I took my hand off his and went right for his crotch. "Well, it
certainly will be a problem for me. Don't know if I can stand being so
close to that hot body of yours and not fuck your brains out." I gave him a
"I plan on it," Jeff replied. "I plan on you fucking my brains
out. Of course, I plan to split your ass wide open with my own hairy
stick," he added.
"I'm counting on it."
We soon reached my motel, and I checked in. I came out a few
moments later and got back inside the car. "It's around this way," I
Jeff drove around and found my room. He parked his car and reached
for my bag behind us. "I'll get this, you get the door," he told me.
I walked inside the motel room and Jeff followed on my heels. He
gave my free preteenz bag a toss and pulled me to him.
"Come here," he ordered me. "I need to hold you."
I went into his arms and let him pull free preteen trailers me tightly against him. My
mouth found his, and our lips met, our tongues embraced, and suddenly, it
was as if we had never been apart. All of our emotions came rushing back,
flowing through our bodies, taking our breath away.
"God, I love you, Bri," Jeff moaned softly.
"I love you, Jeff, so fucking much," I whispered back.
We stood there holding each other for a moment, just enjoying the
touch, the feel, the warmth of the other. Finally Jeff broke away and gave
me a hard push. I fell on the bed, and he quickly joined me, his body on
top of mine. He started kissing me hard, and it was as if neither of us
could get enough.
"I need you," he moaned.
"Fuck me, Jeff," I called out. "I need to feel your cock deep
inside my ass," I said.
We tore at our clothes, and in seconds we were both naked in each
other's arms. I was underneath him, and as Jeff's hairy chest curls teased
my own thick mat, I spread my legs and said, "Slide that thick hard cock in
my hole," I ordered.
I had placed a bottle of lube on the table beside the prety preteen model bed, and Jeff
quickly reached for it. He squeezed a glob into his hand and smeared my ass
with the gel. He coated my hairy opening but good and with his finger,
worked another glob up inside my ass, finger fucking the lube inside,
coating the walls of my ass with it as he teased me.
"Fuck, get inside me, Jeff," I cried out.
When the tip of Jeff's cock touched the hairy entrance of my hole,
it was as if my hole responded without any help from me, as if it was so
fucking glad to see him that he opened all the way up, again, with no help
from me. I shuddered as I felt Jeff slide all the way inside me. free preteenz He came to
a stop, his furry balls up against my ass cheeks, his thick black bush
planted as close to me as was humanly possible. There was nothing between
his cock forest and the skin of my ass.
For a moment Jeff did nothing except lay on top of me, his cock
planted deep inside me. Then he said, "Oh, my God." That was all he
said. He lay there just enjoying the feel of my wet ass gripping his cock.
After a moment or two I forced my ass muscles to clamp down on his
cock. It felt so fucking good feeling that hard hairy muscle of his between
my legs, inside my ass. "Fuck me," Jeff," I yelled.
I felt Jeff as he started sliding his dick back and forth in that
wonderful fucking rhythm he has. Each time his cock plowed through my wet
hairy hole, it felt as if he went deeper than the thrust before. He knew
exactly what to do and how to do it. The thick head that was slowly driving
me crazy, causing me to lose my mind, began pushing against my prostate,
and suddenly I knew I was going to cum. And did I ever!
"Fuck, Jeff, you're going to make me cum," I groaned.
My words caused x preteen directory
him to fuck me faster, harder, and suddenly my cock
seemed to almost double in size as it swelled up between us. I felt the
first sensation of my orgasm. It started rumbling from beneath my cock fur
and slowly made its way over my entire body. I shot a huge rope of thick
hot creamy cum between us, joining our two sweaty bodies together, Jeff's
and mine.
I suddenly felt Jeff's own cock react deep inside my wet ass, and I
knew he was getting ready to fill my hairy hole with his own thick hot
"That's it, Jeff, fill me with your hot load. Let me feel your
thick sticky cream coat my ass," I said.
Jeff pounded me so hard porn blog preteen making the bed rattle so much I thought he
was going to bust it apart, along with splitting my ass wide open. He
pushed harder, grinding his thick wiry pubes into my ass his furry balls
kissing the hairy tunnel between my legs.
Suddenly he screamed out, "I'm cuming, Bri!"
Each time I felt Jeff's cock pump cum inside me, I clamped down on
it with my ass. By the time he had finished filling me with his creamy
load, I had used my ass to suck ever bit of the cum from his cock. When he
finished, he laid there, his chest on mine, the black curls on his chest
blending in my own brown free preteen trailers mat. Neither one of us had energy enough to move.
God, you know how to fuck," I praised.
"Just know I expect the return favor later on," he warned me.
"Oh, I plan on giving you plenty," I assured him.
After a time, Jeff pulled out of me and we lay next to forbiden youg preteens each other,
touching and holding, just enjoying the feel of the other. Jeff told me all
about his son, Charles' wedding, what to expect, what was planned, in
general, everything about the entire weekend he discussed.
"I hope your family won't mind me being here," I said. I was still
a little concerned about causing any problem. "After all, it is a family
thing," I added.
Jeff raised up on his elbow and looked xxx preteen list
at me sharply. "You are
family," he said, rather gruffly. "Can't you understand that?"
"We'd better be `family' as you put it," I told him. "When we do
decide to tell our families how we feel, you and I, we may be xxx preteen list the only
family we have. At least for a while," I added.
Jeff agreed with me. "It won't be pretty, I'm sure of that." He got
a faraway look in his eyes for a bit. Then smiling at me, he said, "Oh
well, that will be another day, another time and place. For now, let's
enjoy this weekend."
I stood to my feet. "I agree." I sniffed the air. "Say, I smell cum
in here. Somebody needs a shower."
Jeff followed me into the bathroom and we hit the shower. For now,
we had had our time together, and it was time to be elsewhere. After all,
this weekend wasn't entirely about the two of us. We had things to do,
places to be, and more importantly, people to see. Our time would come
later.End of Part 10
Guys, let me hear from. Tell me what you think...Mark
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